The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) 2017 Conference in The Vatican is intended for a wide range of participants and interested parties, including digital image repository managers, content curators, software developers, scholars, and administrators at libraries, museums, cultural heritage institutions, software firms, and other organizations working with digital images and audio/visual materials. The conference will consist of two events with separate registration:

All proceedings will be in English. 

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  • Password: enEtlc?9

Adam Christie

Digirati Ltd
Digirati projects, IIIF, DLCS, System development, Food, Wine.
Monday, June 5

2:00pm CEST

Tuesday, June 6

12:40pm CEST

2:15pm CEST

4:15pm CEST

4:45pm CEST

Wednesday, June 7

8:30am CEST

9:00am CEST

9:30am CEST

9:35am CEST

9:40am CEST

9:45am CEST

10:00am CEST

10:15am CEST

10:20am CEST

10:30am CEST

11:24am CEST

12:30pm CEST

2:00pm CEST

3:30pm CEST

3:50pm CEST

6:00pm CEST

Thursday, June 8

8:30am CEST

9:00am CEST

9:30am CEST

10:00am CEST

11:00am CEST

Friday, June 9

9:15am CEST

10:00am CEST